Children are precious to us. Jesus Himself said, “Let the little children come unto me.” We want to teach our children about the Love of Jesus so that they will have a strong foundation for life. Our goal is to help parents raising up Godly children in an un-Godly world by offering them the support of other caring adults to reinforce their parenting. Experience shows us that the more positive adults that a child has in direct interaction with them on a weekly basis the better chance that child has of developing a strong, healthy self esteem and a positive outlook on life that God wants for them. One of the greatest places to find that “broadening base of support” is a Biblical Children’s Ministry. Loving care, gentle discipline, and Biblical teaching are the hallmarks of our children’s ministry from the smallest bed babies up to those energetic sixth graders.

Weekly Schedule
Bible Study(All Ages)-9:30am
Kid’s Zone-5:30pm